“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”     ― Hippocrates


Welcome!  There are many paths to whole health and it is my hope to help guide and educate you to your ultimate goal.  As a bioIndividual nutritionist, I prefer to look at each person as a unique person, like no other, and help you to discover the pathways that lead to your optimal health and fuller life.  


The human body is amazing and wants to be whole and vibrant!  My desire is to help you find the roots of your current physical disharmony, and through this information, guide you  on a healing path through whole nutrient dense foods, whole foods supplementation, and lifestyle changes.  The goal should be a lifetime of health, not a temporary fix, to empower you in food choices and overall wellness. 


The SAD way of eating (Standard American Diet), has plagued people with serious gut issues which in turn causes rampant illness including ADD, ADHA, allergies of every kinds, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, skin rashes, elimination problems, gas, bloating, inability to lose weight, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, eating disorders, and the list goes on.  Mood disorders  are also greatly helped through a thorough nutrition evaluation and appropriate protocol, but they sometimes are not treated as so.  Many times if not all of the time, our genes lead us toward these different physical and mental(which are often times really physical) tendencies and looking at them often gives us another piece to our amazing biochemical puzzle.  When we look at you, the whole person, many of the these issues can be helped with right food and supplementation choices. 


Through proper education of good nutrient dense foods, stress management, an exercise plan, supplement education and positive encouragement, energized optimal health is just a matter of time. Disease doesn't just happen overnight.  Over time, symptoms accumulate leading to a weakened immune system and potentially genes that "turn on," all of which needs help to encourage healing. 


As a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified GAPS Practitioner, and BioIndividual Nutritionist, I would love to have the opportunity to work with you to regain that energy and health that may not be currently, nor clearly available to you. Of course, I will never have all the answers, but work to find a network of other qualified practitioners that I can refer you to, so to better help in your entire healing process and attainment of your specific health goals. 

A free 15-20 minute phone consult is available to see if we are a fit:  858.663.6901   Blessings and health!